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Black Truffle and Thai Inspired Oils best out of 5 Products

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We were delighted to be mentioned in the Consomme Magazine, being the Top 5 products in UK and further afield.  Sure we already knew that our Black Truffle and Thai Inspired oil was the best anyway!



Oils have come a long way and boy are we glad. Although we are not sure anything will truly ever beat a high quality olive oil lovingly soaked into a fresh chunk of warm bread before shovelling into our mouths, we are super excited for the fancy new flavours hitting the shelves. Oils are more than just something to start off the cooking process - they can enhance the flavour every step of the way - from marinating meat, to that finishing swirl on top a soup or salad; with these different bottles the possibilities are endless. We tasked our culinary home cook aficionado Adam with finding 5 of the most creative flavoured oils on the market today and he delivered.

There is far more to oil than just something you pan fry or deep fry your food in. It should be central to any flavour profile you want to create in whatever dish you're putting together. So here's five special flavoured oils that I've tried over the last few months, and if you love them like I do, I can guarantee you'll be using them with almost every meal… like we are.


I know I shouldn't have favourites when writing pieces like this, but this is… without a doubt… my most-used and most-loved of every oil I have ever tried. Black truffle roast potatoes have become a favourite in the Cailler household, and I’m even dreaming about them just writing this piece! Although this oil is strong and punchy, it creates a truly wonderful flavour in whatever you're using it for. As you know I have a new found love for black truffle potatoes but have also used (and loved) it on salmon and chicken. It's versatile and a definite must-have for any kitchen - and especially any truffle lover.

£5.99, 250ml from Broighter Gold





Yes, this is the second appearance for the BGRO brand, and it's well earned - what can I say, the brand know their oils; their Thai Inspired oil is flavoured with chilli, ginger, garlic and lemongrass - the perfect quartet for virtually any Thai dish you could possibly want to make. The flavours, which are all-natural, are so punchy that you don't actually need to add the whole ingredients to your dishes, as you normally would, saving you time, effort and money! Using this oil in any stir-fry will instantly enhance your dish from a run-of-the-mill attempt, to something that'll give your friends food envy - yes, this oil is that good! I'd also drizzle this over a simple autumnal soup to give it an exotic flavoured twist, such as a sweet potato or pumpkin soup.

£3.99, 250ml from Broighter Gold


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