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Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil Facts

Rapeseed oil facts

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Where is Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil grown?

  • Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil is grown on our family farm, Broglasco Farm, Limavady, Northern Ireland.

Can you tell the variety of your rapeseed grown?

  • We will always know what the oil is in our bottles, as we grow one variety and harvest only our own rapeseed for our use.   We are also delighted that our chefs have said that the flavour of our oil is different compared to other rapeseed oils that they have tried, as its much milder, not as nutty with a rich golden colour.

Is there anything added to the oil?

  • No, nothing is added - our oils are all cold pressed.

Does it help weight loss?

  • As part of a calorie controlled diet, it will aid weight loss. Rapeseed oil is a good fat.  But like everything else - a little in moderation.

What is the difference in Olive Oil and Rapeseed Oil?

  • Olive oil has Omega 3 and 6 - Rapeseed oil has Omega 3,6 and 9 plus the added vitamin E.
  • Olive oil smokes at 180 degrees, whereas, rapeseed oil doesn’t smoke until 220 degrees, leaving the goodness of the oil in your cooking.
  • Rapeseed oil has 10 times more Omega 3 than Olive oil.

Is it true that Rapeseed oil reduces cholesterol and heart disease?

  • Yes. Studies have been undergoing for some time now and one of the studies was completed by The British Nutrition Foundation, who looked at evidence from intervention studies specifically relating to rapeseed oil and reduced risk of coronary heart disease.

Can someone with Coeliac or Gluten Free use Rapeseed oil?

  • It seems to be fine, as I have looked at different studies on Coeliac and Gluten Free Websites and thankfully no one had any problems after using the oil. (This will always depend on every individual's own health). I am gluten intolerant and have no issues.

Can you rub the oil on your skin?

  • Yes, there is no reason why not. Rapeseed Oil also contains Vitamins D and E which have antioxidants which contribute to help the anti-ageing process.

Can you drink Rapeseed oil ie 5 ml per day?

  • Again, there is nothing to stop you drinking the oil, it will not harm your health, and so far, no research has shown any side affects. 5ml per day is recommended.

What is rapeseed oil and what is it made from?

  • Rapeseed oil is produced from the oilseed plant and comes from the same Brassica family as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.
  • Rapeseed oil is an ideal culinary oil as it can be used in a variety of ways including frying, baking, roasting.  It can also be used in salads.
  • Rapeseed oil has a mild flavour and is therefore ideal for delicate flavoured dishes.

Is rapeseed oil really as healthy as they say?

  • Rapeseed oil is one of the healthiest oils you can buy due to its balance of fatty acids.
  • Rapeseed oil is high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats like Omega 3 and 6, that can help to lower cholesterol and contains a lower level of saturated fatty acids compared to other vegetable oils.
  • Cold pressed rapeseed oil is often made from oilseed rape sourced from farms across the UK.  Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil is made from our own rapeseed, grown and harvested on our farm.

But I’ve heard that it contains compounds like erucic acid which might be harmful.

  • BROIGHTER GOLD HAS BEEN TESTED AND WE HAVE NO TRACES WHAT SO EVER OF ERUCIC ACID! And Yes we will shout about this for our products!!
  • In the past, the consumption of rapeseed oil was discouraged because it contained high levels of a particular fatty acid called erucic acid. Erucic acid is naturally found in some oils. There have been no confirmed reports of erucic acid causing health problems in humans. However, findings in animal and laboratory studies suggest that regular consumption of high levels of erucic acid may add to the risk of developing heart disease. Today, levels of erucic acid in foods are strictly controlled and all rapeseed oil in the market contains extremely low levels of this fatty acid so there is NO risk of any harm to health. Rapeseed oil is included in the Food Standards Agencies Guidance for healthy catering and its versatility recognised by chefs, who value its taste and cooking performance. Many caterers and manufacturers are now using rapeseed oil in cooking and products developed, which will have a positive influence in improving the overall fatty acid profile of the UK diet.

Can the oilseed plant damage my health?

  • There is no clear evidence that oilseed rape pollen has an adverse effect on our health.
  • Oilseed rape has been cultivated without any problems for centuries.
  • Several studies have shown that pollen from oilseedrape is an allergenic, but data on the incidence of sensitisation is highly conflicting.
  • There is little evidence that oilseedrape pollen itself actively triggers hay fever systems, unlike grass and birch, which are the top two pollens that provoke hay fever.
  • Studies on the dispersal of oilseedrape pollen generally conclude that very little airborne pollen is transported over long distances.
  •  In NI we grow a hybrid variety and we dont need pollinators to pollinate the crops.

How much oilseed rape is grown in the UK?

  • In 2009, 581,000 hectares of oilseed rape was grown in the UK.  This is a decrease of 3% from 2008.  The trend on yields has been quite flat for the past five years.
  • Of this, 503,000 hectares was winter sown oilseed rape, which was grown in England and the remaining amount was either grown in Scotland (29,000 hectares), Wales and Northern Ireland (5,000 hectares) or was spring sown in England (44,000).

Where can I purchase Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil?

  • On this website, go to 'Buy Our Oil'
  • Go to Stockists on our website for a list of shops stocking our oil and also a list of the prestigious restaurants using ONLY our oil. Including Sainsburys, Supervalu, Centra, Spars (limited to certain products per store).
  • Farmers' Markets:- St George's in Belfast and Naturally North Coast and Glens Speciality Market Seasons of the Glens Stand.

Can I used the flavoured oils for cooking?

  • Yes, all the oils are cold pressed, and we use our single variety cold pressed oils to make all our other infused oils.  They can be used for high burn point cooking of up to 220 degrees.  Its doesn't make any difference to the flavour as it still comes through in the products.

Can you select different products in the Black Gift Box?

  • No, sorry the small 150ml gift box is as standard.

Can you amend the 250ml jute bags ie £15.00 or £20.00?

  • Yes, you can add in any oils you want. Place your order, then send us an email, and we will amend it at our end. If you would like to add in one of the truffle oils then its an extra £2.50 ie £17.50 per bag or £22.50 per bag.

What is the office telephone number?

  • 07912076607 - we only answer calls between 9am to 1pm.  All other times we are doing deliveries, or bottling in our pressing room.

 Do you harm bees in your processes? 

  • NO. We have even given our environmental ethos a full page on our website, we do that much!  Absolutely under no circumstances does our farm harm bees, wildlife or birds.  Our farm has been listed with the RSPB as North West Ambassadors for RSPB.  Leona is a hobby beekeeper and Richard supports all the mintil, and modern approaches to Countryside Managements Schemes on the farm.
  • Click Here on Birds and Bees to find out more!





*Information taken from HGCA website with permission. ** Statistics taken from “Cereals and Oilseed Rape production estimates:2009 Harvest UK – Final Results Defra".

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