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Super Quick Steak Dinner - Valentine's Dinner

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Steak stir fry

This dish can be changed in so many ways - depending on how hot you like your food.  Add your favourite food (or do what I do) and use up what needs to be eaten rather than wasting food!

Personally, I love using the Thai or Chilli oils for stir fries, but it's not everyone's cup of tea! Why not try using our Garlic Infused, Hickory Smoked or our Lemon infused - each one is very good for adding flavour and saves you having to buy all the different ingredients/flavours.


2 x sirloin steaks

Rice noodles

10 x baby sweetcorn

4  x scallions

Handful of spinach

Sugar-snap peas

Broighter Gold Hickory smoked oil

Salt and pepper


  • Leave your steaks out to rest at room temperature for an hour before cooking.  Season your meat on both sides, and add some Hickory Smoked oil - cover with cling film.
  • Chop all your vegetables into similar sized pieces (this will allow them to cook evenly)
  • Add your steaks to a very hot pan and cook on one side until crispy (not burnt) then cook the other side
  • Meanwhile, add your vegetables to a hot wok, and keep tossing (again to avoid burning)
  • In a separate pan, add your rice noodles to boiling water - they will be cooked in 3 minutes
  • When your steak is cooked - leave aside to rest
  • Drain your noodles and add your vegetables, adding a little Lemon oil and soy sauce if you wish
  • Slice your steak and place on top of your noodles - Enjoy



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