Tortilla Wraps – Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil

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Tortilla Wraps

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Tortilla Wraps cooked in Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil with or without toppings.


  • 1 large tortilla wrap. Cut the wrap into 6 even segments
  • Rapeseed Oil for frying


  1. Put your pan and 25mls of Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil* once your oil is hot add the Tortilla segments to the oil for only 5 seconds on each side. The tortilla will go a golden brown. (You could eat them with dips)
  2. Alternatively cut the tortilla wrap in half and cook one side. Once cooked turn it over and add your toppings (ie chopped onions, ham, cheese, chilli sauce, taco sauce, chicken, prawns...) to only one side of your wrap.
Cook’s tip
Fold the side with no toppings over and cook on the other side. *why not try using one of our infused oils, chilli infused or our Hickory smoked would work a treat! Great handy snack and fun with the kids.

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