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Environmentally friendly Farm Northern Ireland

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Birds & Bees

Farmers who actually care....

We always trying to be busy bees when it comes to actually looking after our farm and environment.

Leona is now a hobby beekeeper since 2015, and enjoys keeping four to five hives on the farm as a hobby only. "its been great, a steep learning curve, but i really enjoy it and its so relaxing.  It helps me to switch off when Im in a hive.  Ive had two great mentors Billy and Leo, who have been a wealth of information to me over the years".

Richard has reduced the amount of chemicals that we now spray on our crops, we do not use herbicides any longer and our farm has never used neonicotinoids here in NI.  Richard also makes a keen efford not to spray through the day and goes out in the evening once the bees have went back into their hives.

We have also planted a large area in wild flower and sunflowers every year on our margins to attact pollinators such as butterflies, bees, and birds.  We leave the wildflower over the winter months for cover for birds, hedgehogs and yellowhammers to feast on.



We are delighted to be working with the RSPB in being the North West Ambassor for championing of birds. We are very keen on barn owls, as Richard was very lucky to capture one on video last year in one of our barns. We now have four owl boxes located on our farm, and hope they will come back to stay soon!


We are looking forward to welcoming a wildlife surveyor to look at our farm to see what birds we have living and breeding at Broglasco. Wee have lapwings that nest in our fields, which Richard has to avoid in the machinery, skylarks, yellowhammers just some of the NI priority species. We also have swallows and swans that migrate to our farm every year. 

Look forward to sharing more information and pictures soon.

Checkout out our baby pheasants that hatched beside our yard. 


We are also delighted to have created a home for a hedgehog on our farm, and have seen this a few times.  Stay posted via our social media pages for updates on all that happens around the farm!

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